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Reducing cost through overseas procurement


In today's dynamic world of globalization, sustainable existence can be achieved only through continuous development of competent suppliers along with unending efforts to reduce costs. Maruichi Group was founded in the year 1980 in Seto city, Aichi, which is a town famous in Japan for its ceramic works. In the beginning, Maruichi started off just as a supplier of raw materials for ceramics, but today it is proud of being able to confidently supply industrial chemicals, food raw materials, feed additives, functional chemicals, water treatment chemicals, and so on to its esteemed customers.

One of our many strengths is owning a fully-functional, modern warehouse. In addition, we try to reduce costs through overseas procurement and improve efficiency of distribution/logistics operations untiringly, as well as, serve the customers in the best possible way.

We were among the first organizations in Japan to have started trading with South Korea, later followed it with China and now with India. In the future too, we can assure all our present and potential customers that we will continually monitor and screen the suppliers and that we are determined to work as a single force to ensure quality and perfection of products and services in order to meet all the requirements of our clients efficiently. In Japan, as mentioned above, our head office is in Seto city, and we have other sales offices in Tokyo, Osaka and Hokkaido.

As always, we vow to put in all our strengths in meeting the requirements of our clients. I look forward to your continued cooperation in the future to help us serve you better. Along with the company president, each and every employee of Maruichi is dedicated to work as hard as possible to ensure your invaluable support in the years to come.

President megumi ueno