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Group History
1980 Established Maruichi Co., Aichi,Japan 沿革イメージ
1980 Built first warehouse
1985 Expanded warehouse
1988 Established Toumei Co.,Ltd.
1991 Established Central Chemical Co.,Ltd.
1992 Opened Busan office
1993 Opened Beijing office
1995 Built second warehouse
1996 Opened Tokyo office
1997 Opened Kushiro office
1999 Opened third warehouse
2000 Registered brand names Marutop® ,Marubest®,
2003 Renovation & expansion of Kasahara warehouse (Kasahara Logistic Center)
2005 Opened Osaka office
2008 Central Chemical Co.,Ltd. merged into Toumei Co.,Ltd.
2012 Inauguration of Ms. Megumi Ueno as representative director and president