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Soda Ash


This is a standard alkaline chemical, commonly known as sodium carbonate and chemically represented as Na2CO3.

It has multiple applications, for example, as a raw material for glass, powder soap, detergents, as dye intermediate, as a neutralizing agent in effluent treatment, etc.

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Industrial Chemicals

Inorganic Chemicals

Soda ash (light dense), Sodium sulfate (general, anhydrous, neutral anhydrous), Caustic soda (flakes, liquid), Caustic potash (flakes, liquid), Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium metasilicate (anhydrous, pentahydrate), Sodium orthosilicate, Sodium hexametaphosphate, Thiourea dioxide, Hydrosulfite, Sodium percarbonate (PC), Aluminum oxide, Erbium oxide, Magnesium oxide, Antimony trioxide, Metallic arsenic, Metallic silicon, Copper sulfate, Sodium tripolyphosphate, Phosphoric acid (85%), Regenerated phosphoric acid (75%, 50%), Arsenic trioxide, Hydrogen peroxide, Aluminum hydroxide, Zeolite, Talc chips, Potassium carbonate, Barium carbonate, Tribasic calcium phosphate, Sodium sesquicarbonate, Kaolin, Potassium dichromate, Sodium dichromate, Boric acid, Borax (anhydrous, pentahydrate, decahydrate), Calcium hydroxide, Calcium oxide, Sodium hydrosulfide, Refined salt, Aluminum sulphate, Polyferric sulfate, Polyaluminum chloride (PAC), Dilute sulfuric acid, Sodium sulfide, Sodium persulfate, Sodium pyrophosphate, Monopotassium phosphate, Calcium phosphate, Ferrous sulfate, Iron oxide (red, yellow), Salt

Organic Chemicals

Formic acid, Organic solvent, SLES, LAS, Acrylamide, Ametryn, Acetic acid, Sodium acetate, Citric acid, Urea, EDTA, Acetic anhydride, Sodium acetate anhydrous, Oxalic acid, Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC), 3 Nitrophthalic acid, Propylene glycol (PG), Dicyandiamide, Polyethylene glycol (PEG), TAED, AOS, NTA, Dipropylene glycol (DPG), Menthol

Processed products

HS-2K (Sodium hydro sulfide) 2kg bag 20kg box, RC-2K (Sodium hydro sulfide + Sodium carbonate) 2kg bag 20kg box

Food and Feed Additives

Gelidium (Agar), L-lysine, Potassium monophosphate, Citric acid, Sodium bicarbonate, Propylene glycol (PG)- Food additive, Maru-Ace®, Maru-Top®, Maru-Best®

Ceramics and stone products

Silica, Clay, Kaolin

Wastewater treatment chemicals, etc.

Inorganic flocculant

Aluminum chloride, Poly aluminum chloride (PAC), Poly ferric sulfate, Ferrous sulfate

Organic polymer flocculant

Anion, Cation, Nonion, Amphoteric flocculant, etc. (each powder, emulsion)

Other industrial chemicals

40% Urea water, Caustic soda, Sulfuric acid, Iron oxide, Magnesium oxide, Sodium hypochlorite, Biological treatment nutrient, Slaked lime, Defoamer

Procurement of other desired overseas raw materials